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AEC CutFill
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AEC CutFill

Product Overview

Highway Cross-Section Designer and Drafting Software
AEC Cut-Fill is fully automated Highway cross-sections design with drafting tools on AutoCAD that can generate about 1000 cross sections a day  against 25 manually.  

Generated Cross sections need to be presented for acceptance with required data to project authorities. Most programs in the market do not come with custom presentation methods. AEC CutFill comes with special tools that are directly sitting on AutoCAD to automate drafting work by pulling data from XDATA feature of AutoCAD on to your project cross sections. About 40 commands to quickly generate drawings good for construction are provided in the solution. These commands reside on AutoCAD platform as pull down menu bar items .

Slope definitions that the project defines are shown in the image below. These slopes are the most complicated taking in to consideration of both SLOPE and OFFSET FIXED scenarios.  The program solves these definitions though complex algorithms built in the solution. Program dynamically reads the depth of FILL/CUT and decides the slope and makes a cross section. Special feature like rounding at Shoulder Break Point (SBP) with quantity adjustment that should be calculated for every varying slope for every cross section that consumes enormous amount of manual efforts if managed without using automated programs. Varying slopes have effect on the pavement layers that extend up to the slopes making it involving complex calculations repeatedly.

Auto-Drafting command writes data to Title-Block place holders and decorate your cross-sections with several dimensional and data features. Placements coordinates, styles, heights are read from predefined Settings.  A kilometer long project with 100 cross-sections  that contain approximately 20,000 items of data are written in ten minutes.  After this command these 100 cross-sections can be ready for printing and submittals.

AEC CutFill takes your cross-section data for both Existing?Original  Ground Levels (OGLs) and proposed/Final reduced levels FRLs and calculates the volume of earth to be removed and added. Cross sections are plotted and profiles are plotted in DXF File format and station and total quantities are calculated.

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