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Operations Management System
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Operations Management System

Product Overview

Operation Management System (OMS) is the central business module to perform production or execution of tasks or manufacture of finished goods involved in your business model.

OMS is the central binding module to guide business functions and processes from and to human resources, material and machinery management while involving other supporting modules for documentation, corporate, and quality managements in line with your business.

OMS conducts your construction business with proactive approach. Orders and seeks your project drawings from several AEC Apps with integration to AutoCAD, publishes the project 3D data elements to server, use AEC Budget to estimate costs, Sends data to MS Project and seeks a schedule allocate resources and costs with time lines. It plans day to day tasks based on master planning, indents the material and services requirement plans .

OMS automatically pulls inventory and services and pushes work in process, prepares client invoicing, makes reconciliation and so on. Scope of OMS includes contract management, project documentation and large drawings using latest graphic technologies like Silverlight, Autodesk DWF, DXF and DWG formats making project teams collaborating project work.

AEC Operations Management System

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