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AEC 3D ReBar
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AEC 3D ReBar

Product Overview

Sample Output files
Wind Pressure Calculation | Stair Case Design | Stair Case BBS | Slab Design | Slab BBS | Footing Design |
Fixed End Moments Analysis | Columns BBS | Column Design | Beam With All Loads | Beams BBS | Beam Design
  • Designs NERVE System of your Concrete Buildings
  • Most Intelligent RC Designer and Detailer
  • Design and Drawing in Minutes with BBS on the FLY
  • BI Application to Design at Lightning SPEED

Aim of this program, AEC 3D Rebar, is the same functionality as that of a structural engineer, a draftsman, a detailer and an estimating engineer working all together from concept to completion of Design, Detailing and Drawing while seamlessly integrating AutoCAD and STAAD Pro.  

AEC 3D Rebar captures 2D drawing objects with original coordinates, determines the positioning, continuities, end conditions, member offsets and member sizes and models with respect to levels defined/defaulted. The program publishes the entire model geometry to STAAD Pro, imports the analysis results back in to the program, reads the codal design and detailing requirements and performs designs. The program also summarizes the design results for each member, compares the specifications and reports the final rebar requirements for each member element while taking in to account the continuities and integrities of these members. Finally the program models the entire integrated rebar for the entire structure back to the CAD 2D and 3D drawings GOOD FOR CONSTRUCTION. 

In short this is the program that is doing a job of a structural engineer cutting down his time to mere 5%. In other words using the program can be 100 times faster producing more accurate results than ever before.

Using this program can set off your design, detailing and drawing COSTS to as high as 90% that is being spent today while TIME saving as high as 90% of project delays due to this job. 

AEC 3D Rebar Documentation File

AEC 3D Rebar

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