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AutoCAD & 3D Modelling
Basic STAAD Pro
Basic MS Project

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1. Basic AutoCAD & 3D modelling 
  • AutoCAD Interface and the reaching the information you need.
  • The User Interface.
  • Start, Organize, and Save a Drawing.
  • Views Management.
  • Work Process Before You Begin.
  • Create and Modify Objects.
  • Hatches, Notes, Tables, and Dimensions.
  • Plot and Publish Drawings.
  • Share Data Between Drawings and Applications.
  • Create Realistic Images and Graphics.
  • 3D Objects and modelling management.
2. Basic STAAD Pro
  • Getting Started and Tutorials.
  • Examples of various problems that can be solved using the STAAD engine.
  • Graphical Environment like model generation
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Result verification and report generation.
  • Technical References with the theory behind the engineering calculations made by the STAAD engine.
  • International Design Codes.
3. Basic MS Project
  • Activating Project.
  • Accessibility.
  • Customizing, File management.
  • Creating a project Building a schedule.
  • Creating tasks
  • Sequencing tasks in a project
  • Estimating task durations
  • Creating relationships between tasks
  • Optimizing the project plan
  • Setting calendars
  • Managing resources and assignments
  • Managing costs
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Reviewing and sharing
  • Integrating with the Office system
  • Saving and printing
  • View management
  • Working in a different language
  • Security and privacy
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