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How to Become a professional Civil Engineer

Training: What we are!

Can one drive a car because the person is an automobile engineer a manufacturer of cars? The Answer is NO. If the person is given hands-on-experience on the car, probably he/she may start driving in few hours/days. This is how a practical hands-on-experience that drives the person confident on what he/she is supposed to perform when given a job or start own business.

Now the question comes here is - how to have a hands-on-experience on a car? It could be either owning a car or going to a near by driving school who has a car and able to train. Here is where AEC come in to!!!We have an AEC ERP and AEC Apps how to handle own business or work for a business.

Because of having successfully passed 3-5 years professional bachelors/masters course after does not guarantee a person to be confident to start working or start own business unless certain established market and statutory rules are followed and lived updated. Here is AEC ERP for general industry and AEC Apps for construction industry.

10 Hands-On-Experience courses that get you a job

The constructions industry needs huge trained professionals to handle construction sector most efficiently with the changed working styles associated with introduction of IT in to the sector.

Introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning in to construction sector to manage multiple projects remotely with online information collaboration among team members necessitates rigorous training for the professional to get adept to the new trend of working styles.

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