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AEC Logic is Hyderabad-based organization committed to redefining the technical territories of Construction Industry. We deliver wholesome Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to leading and growing organizations in the market. AEC ERP system takes your enterprise beyond traditional software for virtual construction business, streamlining professional processes and equips you with the visibility you need to make improved management decisions with ease.

Seamlessly integrating your ERP solutions to manage transactions and business processes across your organization is a key path to success. AEC exists for those who understand the reality of business change and actually wish to be prepared for it. Our powerful applications provide proven financial, organizational, network, management and ERP that simply integrates with your entire sales and service processes.

As a specialized provider of ERP products and application suite, we implement and support the Business World, helping progressive and savvy organizations manage their evolving needs effectively. We strive to set the standards for enterprise solutions that equip and empower organizations to embrace improvement- easily, quickly and cost effectively.

Power your businesses with our Integrated ERP solutions

The Need Gap

AEC Enterprise Resource planning

What worries you, masters you. At times the projects cut through deadlines and even budget figures run beyond expectations. In such circumstances, the project management becomes risky and highly complicated. This takes place mostly due to lack of fool-proof quantity estimation, rate analysis, project planning and monitoring systems with regard to the base-line programs drawn using tools like MS Project and shop drawings using Auto CAD.

Number two. Once all designs, drawings and planning are in place, managing large and multiple projects become another problem, unless you have an apt ERP solutions and applications that are business ready.

Management Modules AEC Enterprise Resource planning

Sophisticated software products from AEC help your architecture, engineering, and construction professionals gain thorough control over project outcomes. It will be feasible to manage, integrate, share, and review models and multi-format data with all your project stakeholders. A comprehensive set of integration, analysis, and communication tools make it feasible to coordinate disciplines, and plan projects much before the construction begins. Our applications add to the components of 3D model projects, to mock your entire concept-to-completion of your Infrastructure, building, process and power projects.

AEC Apps software packages integrate AEC ERP with intelligent model-based designs with scheduling, cost, visualization, collaboration tools and advanced coordination capabilities.
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